Queen of Cups

Tarot Card Meaning
Queen of Cups


The Queen of Cups represents compassion, emotional depth, and intuition. This card often appears when you are in tune with your emotions and are offering support and nurturing to others. It symbolizes the ability to connect deeply with your feelings and to use this connection to empathize with and help those around you.

Key Symbolisms

  • The Cup in Her Hand: Represents the depth of emotions and the careful consideration she gives to her feelings and those of others.
  • The Calm Sea: Symbolizes tranquility and the deep, yet serene, nature of her emotional world.
  • The Throne on the Water’s Edge: Reflects her balanced position between the conscious and subconscious, grounded yet deeply intuitive.

Upright Meaning

Drawing the Queen of Cups suggests that you are in a phase of emotional maturity and sensitivity. You are encouraged to trust your intuition and to be compassionate toward yourself and others. This card highlights your ability to offer emotional support and to nurture relationships with understanding and care. Embrace your empathetic nature and use it to create a harmonious and loving environment.

Reversed Meaning

When reversed, the Queen of Cups can indicate emotional instability, insecurity, or being overwhelmed by feelings. It warns against losing touch with your own needs while tending to others, or becoming overly sensitive and reactive. This position suggests a need to find balance and to ensure that your emotional well-being is not neglected. It calls for introspection and self-care to restore equilibrium.


The Queen of Cups is often associated with the watery energy of Cancer, highlighting themes of nurturing, protection, and deep emotional connection. This astrological connection enhances the card's emphasis on empathy, intuition, and the care of loved ones.


Queens in tarot are associated with the number 13, which signifies transformation and the maturation of emotional and intuitive abilities. In the context of the Queen of Cups, it emphasizes the growth and depth of emotional understanding and compassion.


  • Trust your intuition and let it guide your decisions.
  • Offer support and empathy to those in need.
  • Take time for self-care to maintain your emotional balance.
  • Cultivate deep and meaningful connections with others.

Yes/No Meaning

  • Upright: In a Yes/No reading, the upright Queen of Cups generally suggests a "Yes," indicating that emotional intelligence, compassion, and nurturing will lead to positive outcomes. It supports actions that involve being empathetic, trusting your intuition, and caring for yourself and others.
  • Reversed: When reversed, the Queen of Cups suggests a "No," indicating that emotional imbalance, co-dependency, or neglect of self-care may hinder progress. It advises focusing on regaining emotional stability, setting healthy boundaries, and prioritizing self-care before proceeding.

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