Privacy Policy

Last updated: 21 Mar,2024

Who We Are: We're TarotReadAI. ("we" or "us"), and we run the website ("our service"). This policy is here to let you know how we handle your personal info when you use our service.

What We Do With Your Info:

Info You Give Us: When you sign up, make an account, get texts, personalize your account, or buy something from us, you give us info like your name, email, phone number, and birthday. If you want things like a personalized horoscope, you might also tell us your birthplace, zip code, star sign, gender, etc. For buying stuff, we need your payment info, but we send that straight to our payment folks like Stripe and don't keep it ourselves. Info We Get When You Use Our Service: We automatically pick up some data like your device ID, what kind of device you're using, where you are, and how you're using our service (like what you click on). Cookies: We use "cookies" to help our service run better and remember you when you come back. You can say yes or no to cookies, but if you say no, some parts of the service might not work for you.

Help From Others: Sometimes we get other companies to help us out with our service. They might get to see some of your info, but only to do their job, and they're not supposed to share it.

Keeping Your Info Safe: We try really hard to keep your info safe, but the internet is always a bit risky. We can't promise your info is 100% safe.

Be Careful With Links: Our service might have links to other sites. We don't run those sites, so if you go there, take a look at their privacy policies too.

Kids: Our service isn't for kids under 18. If a kid has given us info without their parent knowing, the parent should tell us so we can delete it.

Extra Info For People in Europe and the UK: You have some extra rights like asking to see your info, changing it, or even having us delete it. You can say no to some ways we might use your info, and you can stop getting marketing stuff from us. If you said yes to something before, you can change your mind. If you're not happy with how we're handling your info, you can talk to your local data protection folks.

Extra Info For People in California: You have the right to know what personal info we've got and how we're using it, ask us to delete it, and you can tell us not to sell your info. We won't treat you differently for exercising your rights.

Changes: We might change this policy sometimes. If we do, we'll let you know by updating this page.