Ten of Pentacles

Tarot Card Meaning
Ten of Pentacles


The Ten of Pentacles represents wealth, family legacy, and long-term success. This card often appears when you are achieving financial security and stability, often tied to family or community. It symbolizes the culmination of material abundance and the legacy that comes from building a solid foundation over time.

Key Symbolisms

  • The Family Scene: Represents the importance of family, community, and the connections that provide support and continuity.
  • The Castle: Symbolizes stability, security, and the attainment of long-term goals.
  • The Elderly Figure: Reflects wisdom, experience, and the passing down of knowledge and wealth through generations.

Upright Meaning

Drawing the Ten of Pentacles suggests that you are in a phase of financial stability and long-term success. This card encourages you to appreciate the wealth and security you have built and to consider the legacy you are creating. It highlights the importance of family and community in providing support and continuity. Embrace the sense of accomplishment and the stability that comes from achieving your long-term goals.

Reversed Meaning

When reversed, the Ten of Pentacles can indicate financial instability, family conflicts, or a lack of long-term planning. It warns against neglecting the importance of building a solid foundation or failing to consider the future impact of your actions. This position suggests a need to reassess your financial strategies and to work towards creating stability and harmony within your family or community. It calls for careful planning and addressing any underlying issues.


The Ten of Pentacles is often associated with Mercury in Virgo, highlighting themes of practicality, organization, and attention to detail. This astrological connection enhances the card's emphasis on financial planning, stability, and the importance of creating a lasting legacy.


The number 10 in tarot represents completion, fulfillment, and the end of a cycle. In the context of the Ten of Pentacles, it emphasizes the achievement of long-term financial and material goals and the creation of a lasting legacy.


  • Appreciate the wealth and stability you have built.
  • Focus on long-term planning and creating a solid foundation for the future.
  • Strengthen family and community connections to ensure support and continuity.
  • Address any financial or familial issues to restore stability and harmony.

Yes/No Meaning

  • Upright: In a Yes/No reading, the upright Ten of Pentacles generally suggests a "Yes," indicating that financial stability and long-term success are likely outcomes. It supports actions that involve careful planning, family support, and the pursuit of long-term goals.
  • Reversed: When reversed, the Ten of Pentacles suggests a "No," indicating that there may be financial instability or unresolved family conflicts. It advises focusing on creating stability and addressing underlying issues before expecting positive outcomes.