The Sun

Tarot Card Meaning
The Sun


The Sun represents joy, success, and vitality. This card often appears when you are experiencing a period of happiness, positivity, and fulfillment. It symbolizes clarity, confidence, and the life-affirming energy that brings growth and prosperity.

Key Symbolisms

  • The Sun: Represents clarity, enlightenment, and the life-giving energy of the sun.
  • The Child on the Horse: Symbolizes innocence, joy, and the freedom to express oneself.
  • The Sunflowers: Reflect growth, vitality, and the beauty of life.
  • The Wall: Indicates the boundaries that protect and define your achievements.

Upright Meaning

Drawing the Sun suggests that you are in a phase of joy and success. This card encourages you to embrace the positive energy and to celebrate your achievements. It highlights the importance of clarity, confidence, and the life-affirming energy that brings growth and fulfillment. Embrace the joy and let your light shine brightly, knowing that you are on the right path.

Reversed Meaning

When reversed, the Sun can indicate temporary setbacks, a lack of clarity, or diminished vitality. It warns against losing sight of the positive aspects of your life or allowing minor obstacles to overshadow your happiness. This position suggests a need to reconnect with your inner joy and to focus on the bigger picture. It calls for patience and a renewed focus on finding clarity and positivity.


The Sun is associated with the zodiac sign Leo, highlighting themes of creativity, confidence, and self-expression. This astrological connection enhances the card's emphasis on joy, vitality, and the ability to shine brightly in all endeavors.


The Sun is numbered 19 in the Major Arcana, which reduces to 1 (1+9=10, 1+0=1), representing new beginnings, individuality, and the manifestation of goals. In the context of the Sun, it emphasizes the importance of embracing new opportunities and the positive energy that brings success and fulfillment.


  • Embrace and celebrate your achievements and successes.
  • Focus on clarity, confidence, and positive energy.
  • Reconnect with your inner joy and let your light shine brightly.
  • Be patient and maintain a positive outlook, even in the face of temporary setbacks.

Yes/No Meaning

  • Upright: In a Yes/No reading, the upright Sun generally suggests a "Yes," indicating that joy, success, and positive energy will lead to favorable outcomes. It supports actions that involve confidence, celebration, and embracing positivity.
  • Reversed: When reversed, the Sun suggests a "Yes," indicating that despite temporary setbacks or a lack of clarity, maintaining a positive outlook and reconnecting with your inner joy will lead to eventual success. It advises focusing on finding clarity and positivity to overcome obstacles.

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